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Geodesic engineering surveying


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Measurings works

Presently restoration and reconstruction ofbuildings, located inhistorical part ofold city isintensively conducted inMoscow. For creation ofprojects onreorganization ofbuildings and preparation them tothe new having aspecial purpose settings itisrequired toconduct engineer geodesic tonnage works which plug initself:

Survey of facades of buildings with pointing of marks and location:

  • Window and door apertures;
  • Interlevel cornices;
  • Other elements, determining the architectural look of facades.


Geodesic Monitoring

The department of Geodesic Monitoring is specialized on the high-fidelity engineer — geodesic measurings at building, in particular looking after deformations of buildings and buildings.
A department is executed by the complex of works on looking after sinking of the built buildings and buildings, or buildings being in the affected zone buildings, determination of heels of facades, and similarly horizontal displacements of buildings and groove protections of foundation pits.

Topographical works

Topography one ofthe ancient sciences. Even inantiquity people wanted toknow sizes and forms ofnatural objects, sizes and forms ofthe engineerings creations. Inour days inconnection with stormy growth ofintervention from aman innature, the role oftopography increases considerably.
Atbuilding ofnew, there isanecessity toknow forms and sizes ofengineerings buildings the reconstruction ofexistent objects, including underground, natural forms, represented onthe sheet ofpaper. Itallows reliably and high-quality, with minimum expenses toincarnate planned innature.
During 8years Topographical Department executes following topographical and engineer topographical researches, executive surveys ofsituation and relief scales 1:100 1:10000:

Under the direction of the Deserved worker of the geodesy and cartography of the Russian FEDERATION a firm united experimental and young, energetic specialists with higher and middling — technical geodesic education, by experience in building more than 15 years. Our time requires high quality, quickness and professional skills at implementation of works. Therefore, since 2006, we use only newest, sensitive, high-performance electronic — optical tachymeters and levels — firms «Leica Geosystems AG» — leader in the production of geodesic instruments.
LTD. of ZEMLEMER’ offers whole spectrum of engineer — geodesic works. Park of geodesic devices is the best in Moscow, every brigade is equipped bythe total station, level, PZL, by a computer etc.

The highly skilled specialists of our firm have a rich experience of implementation of engineer — geodesic, tonnage and topographical works.

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