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About us

Under the direction ofthe Deserved worker ofthe geodesy and cartography ofthe Russian FEDERATION afirm united experimental and young, energetic specialists with higher and middling technical geodesic education, byexperience inbuilding more than 15years. Our time requires high quality, quickness and professional skills atimplementation ofworks. Therefore, since 2006, weuse only newest, sensitive, high-performance electronic optical tachymeters and levels firms Leica Geosystems AG leader inthe production ofgeodesic instruments.
LTD. ofZEMLEMER offers whole spectrum ofengineer geodesic works. Park ofgeodesic devices isthe best inMoscow, every brigade isequipped bythe total station, level, PZL, byacomputer etc.

The highly skilled specialists ofour firm have arich experience ofimplementation ofengineer geodesic, tonnage and topographical works.

Use ofthe modern geodesic equipment (Leica, Sokkia, Zeiss and other), skilled approach toorganization ofproduction ofgeodesic works animplementation ofexecutive drafts inadigital kind and along-term experience employees offirm allow toreduce the terms ofimplementation and promote quality ofworks, here not promoting their prime price. For this reason, build firms and project organizations, appealings tousfor ahelp onthe production ofengineer ofgeodesic works, became our permanent Customers.

Wedispose the most modern equipment, software and front-rank technologies. Our specialists developed the row ofthe specialized computer programs, allowing topromote quality and speed ofworks. Job performances get Customer both onapaper and onmagnetic transmitter inthe proper newest programs.
Our distinctive sign isaQUALITY.

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