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Geodesic engineering surveying

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Firm executes the following types of engineer - geodesic works:

Geodesic works are in building:

  • geodesic accompaniment of buildings and installation works;
  • planned - height geodesic laying out of buildings and buildings including detailed;
  • executive survey of constructions and technological equipment;
  • transfer of basic and auxiliary axes from one assembling horizon on other;
  • drafting of executive drafts with deviations from a project;
  • all of types of executive surveys, including underground communications with handing over in Mosgorgeotrest;
  • high-fidelity determinations of volumes of the executed works (soil, concrete, reinforced concrete and other);
  • special engineer - geodesic works on the task of Customer.


Engineer - geodesic measyrings works:

Survey of facades of buildings with pointing:

  • window and door apertures;
  • interlevel cornices and other elements, determining the architectural look of facades;
  • height marks of elements of facades;
  • лlinear sizes between all of constructions.


Planned - high-altitude survey of floors with pointing:

  • Capital bearings walls and partition partitions;
  • Longitudinal and transversal sections of building in the places indicated Customer.


Sensitive looking after deformations
    (geodesic monitoring):

The field looking after sinking and heels
    of the built and reconstructed buildings and buildings
    plug in itself:

  • reconnaissance of object;
  • book-mark of brands in the looked after objects;
  • drafting of chart and book-mark of initial reference point;
  • supervision of "0" cycle on sedimentary brands;
  • cyclic supervisions;
  • determination of heel of building and groove protection.


In the complex of office studies works

  • Getting the results of measurings from the memory sticks;
  • equalization of level motion on the program "Level Pak";
  • calculations of marks of sedimentary brands;
  • analysis of results of supervisions;
  • drafting and unsealing on the printer of tables or graphs;
  • drafting of technical report;


The high-fidelity geodesic measurings of sinking of foundations and grounds of building are carried out the method of the geometrical leveling of 1-th class by short rays. Measurings are conducted the sensitive digital levels of DNA03, NA3003 of swiss firm "Leica".
    Measurings of heels of buildings and groove protection of foundation pits 1103 swiss firms "Leica" are conducted by electronic tachymeter of TCR, the results of measurings are processed in the graphic environment of AUTOCAD 2004.

Control of quality, engineer - geodesic laying out and shooting works

  • creation of supporting and survey planned - height geodesic networks;
  • control of planned - height position of buildings, buildings and communications on the instructions of Customer;
  • control and formal acceptance of executive surveys from geodesic services of subcontracted build organizations;
  • bearing-out in nature of basic axes of buildings and buildings plugs (control of landing of buildings);
  • bearing-out in nature of projects of engineerings communications, motor-car and ferrous roads;
  • implementation of control executive surveys:
    • floor plans;
    • elevator mines;
    • foundations and anchors under an equipment;
    • contours of foundation pits;
    • pile fields;
    • collapsible and monolithic foundations;
    • walls, columns, flags of ceilings etc.
  • production of office studies works on final checks and treatment of geobasis, general plan etc.


Topografo- geodesic works:

  • creation and update of topographical plans and maps in scales 1:100 - 1:10000 (including digital);
  • creation of digital three-dimensional topographical plans on call of Customer;
  • creation of digital models of locality and count of volume of earthworks is in building;
  • creation of topographical basis for a landscape design;
  • bearing-out in nature of projects of planning of territories of building and separate buildings;
  • executive topographical surveys of territories;
  • bearing-out in nature of basic build axes or sizes of buildings;
  • control executive surveys on the transferred types of works.


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