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Measurings works

Presently restoration and reconstruction ofbuildings, located inhistorical part ofold city isintensively conducted inMoscow. For creation ofprojects onreorganization ofbuildings and preparation them tothe new having aspecial purpose settings itisrequired toconduct engineer geodesic tonnage works which plug initself:

Survey of facades of buildings with pointing of marks and location:

  • Window and door apertures;
  • Interlevel cornices;
  • Other elements, determining the architectural look of facades.

Planned- height survey of floors with pointing:

  • Capital bearings walls and partition between rooms partitions taking into account their sizes, configuration and turn in relation to each other;
  • Stair March and grounds taking into account their sizes, configuration ;
  • Height marks of top and bottom of ceiling (half \ ceiling) flags, marks of stair grounds.

Inaddition, there are the frozen orunfinished objects. For completion ofbuilding ofthese objects itisalso necessary tomake engineer geodesic tonnage works, what tounderstand, what part ofproject isexecuted and with what quality. Wewill not only execute measuring works but also will show oncuts alignment ofcapital walls and bearings constructions inmultistory buildings.
For revetment offacades the tiled material, requiring anexact lay-out also not todowithout our measurings. The department ofmeasurings Works will execute measurements offacades with pointing oflinear vertical and horizontal sizes between all ofopenings and will tie these sizes tothe project and building corners.
Also wewill give deviations from azero plane onthe vertical line ofany constructions atwill ofCustomer. Itisimpossible totransfer all oftypes ofactivity, where engineer geodesic measurements are needed.
Our firm makes measuring works byelectronic tachymeters ofprofessional series ofTPS-1100; TPS-1200; ofswiss firm Leica, which isaleader atthe market ofgeodesic nstrument-making. Because ofhigh-tech, toapplied atcreation ofdevices ofthis firm, weare inaposition quickly and high-quality toexecute any geodesic surveys. Processing ofdata, measurings got asaresult, isconducted oncomputers with the use ofthe programs developed the specialists ofour firm. Final products are drafts, given out Customer both onapaper transmitter and inanelectronic kind inthe program AUTOCAD.

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