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The department of Geodesic Monitoring

The department of Geodesic Monitoring is specialized on the high-fidelity engineer — geodesic measurings at building, in particular looking after deformations of buildings and buildings.
A department is executed by the complex of works on looking after sinking of the built buildings and buildings, or buildings being in the affected zone buildings, determination of heels of facades, and similarly horizontal displacements of buildings and groove protections of foundation pits.
High-fidelity geodesic measurings of sinking of foundations and grounds of buildings carried out the method of the geometrical leveling of the I class of exactness short rays, in accordance with GOST 24846-81 «Soils. Methods of measuring of deformations of grounds of buildings and buildings». Measurings are conducted the sensitive levels of DNA03 and NA3003 of firm «Leica», Switzerland, proper the first class of geodesic devices (GOST 10528-76) on invar staff and carbon fiber stroke — to the code laths of I-st of class (GOST 10528-76).
Determination of heels and planned displacements is executed total station of TCR1103 of swiss firm «Leica» in the reflecting mode.
During operating of agreement under monitoring, the results of cyclic supervisions are operatively passed to Customer maximum in 1-2 days. Upon termination of monitoring there is a technical report with an analysis the state of the looked after object.

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