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Topographical works

Topography one ofthe ancient sciences. Even inantiquity people wanted toknow sizes and forms ofnatural objects, sizes and forms ofthe engineerings creations. Inour days inconnection with stormy growth ofintervention from aman innature, the role oftopography increases considerably.
Atbuilding ofnew, there isanecessity toknow forms and sizes ofengineerings buildings the reconstruction ofexistent objects, including underground, natural forms, represented onthe sheet ofpaper. Itallows reliably and high-quality, with minimum expenses toincarnate planned innature.
During 8years Topographical Department executes following topographical and engineer topographical researches, executive surveys ofsituation and relief scales 1:100 1:10000:

  • Creation and update of topographical plans and maps of scales 1:100 - 1:10 000 (including digital);
  • Digital three-dimensional models of locality;
  • .
  • Researches of linear buildings, motor-car and ferrous roads, lines of electricity transmissions and connection;
  • Bearing-out in nature of projects of planning of territories of building and separate buildings;
  • Creation of planned - of height geodesic basis (polygonometry);
  • Count of volumes of earthworks;
  • Executive surveys of the prepared territories and objects;
  • Topographical basis for a landscape design;
  • Bearing-out in nature of basic build axes, sizes of buildings and buildings;
  • Control, executive surveys on the transferred types of works;
  • Other types of geodesic works on call of Customer.

Works are conducted experimental, graduate performers.
Inthe work weapply high-fidelity electronic tachymeters and devices ofsearch ofunderground communications ofswiss firm Leica, allowing toget reliable and exact results, satisfying any Customer.
Treatment ofthe field material isconducted onthe special programs, including own production. Thus influence ofhuman factor onthe finish result practically eliminated.
Prices onour works settle accounts oncollection ofcosts ofGosstroy ofRussian FEDERATION and does not exceed middle onacountry. Thus the terms ofimplementation are minimum, and the quality high.

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